Mathew Luschek

Creative Specialist, American Greetings
(March 2017– Current)

Key Achievements as Creative Specialist at American Greetings

Fabricates and prototypes cards, displays, bags, wrapping paper, etc for internal use, sales use and customer use. Utilizes equipment such as a laser cutter, large format cutting plotter, screen printing and other various fabrication machines and processes.

Senior Content Producer, Culture Amp
(Aug. 2015 – Aug 2016)

Key Achievements as Content Producer at Culture Amp

Researched and produced content for Culture Amp, including writing articles/case stories, documenting company events and internal life, archiving images and video, creating weekly newsletters, curating social media for the company and producing multimedia pieces. Executive producer of the Culture First Podcast. Worked closely with Marketing and PR/Comms teams. Jack of all Trades in the office – built office furniture, installed accessories, created accessories and IT support for office when needed.

Executive Producer at Eat Geek Play
(July 2015 – Dec 2016)

Key Achievements as Producer at Eat Geek Play

Creator, host and producer of featured web show Robot Underpants and content producer for the Eat Geek Play website.

Executive Producer at Geek News Central
(May 2011 – Current)

Key Achievements as Producer at Geek News Central

– Creator, host and producer of Robot Underpants weekly webshow.
– Content producer for Geek News Central website.Experience

Contract Photographer at CLP Motorsports
(June 2015)

Shot photos and video for AcrossUSA challenge, which the company drove a Superlite SLC race car from coast to coast on one tank of renewable fuel. Also served as social media editor for company during project.

Copy Editor, Web Editor, Reporter, Photographer at LA Times Community News Papers
(May 2013 – Oct. 2013)

Key Achievements as Editor / Photographer at LA Times Community Newspapers

– Copy Edit and Web Edit for Glendale News-Press, Burbank Leader, La Cañada Valley Sun, and Pasadena Sun (May – July)

– Copy Edit, Web Edit, Photographer, and Reporter for the Times Community News (South) —
Daily Pilot, Huntington Beach Independent, and Coastline Pilot. (July – Current)

Digital Media Content Producer at NBC Bay Area
(Jan. 2011 – Dec. 2012)

Key Achievements as Digital Media Content Producer at NBC Bay Area

– NBC Bay Area’s Google Plus Presence happened the day the service was announced. I set up NBC Bay Area’s account immediately, which was noticed by the budding community, as well as other news sources. Our follower count grew quickly as we were recognized as one of the few news sources not afraid to embrace new technology.

– Google Hangouts with on-air talent is a good bridge between television and the web. I worked closely with some of our talent to use Hangouts as a way to connect with the community. I helped our 7pm anchor, Brent Cannon, get accustomed to using the service, which helped him become well known, and liked, in the Plus community. I also worked  with one of our reporters, George Kiriyama, who knows the service well. Together we were able to get important reports to broadcast, when a storm kept us from using traditional methods.

– Hangouts on TV is a project I worked on with Google. Because of our stellar status on the social media service, a representative from Google contacted me personally, to not only express her personal happiness with how I was running the account, but also to reach out to NBC Bay Area to work with them on a beta project. I facilitated and helped make this project happen, working closely with engineers at Google. This project had only been used with a few other TV programs, including The Martha Stewart Show, Good Morning America as well as at the White House.

– Google+ For Your Business featured me as a Community Ninja for my work with Google+ at NBC Bay Area — specifically for using Google+ Hangouts with reporters during a storm which made it unsafe to use our trucks to broadcast.
– Bay Area Images was something I wanted to do from when I was hired at NBC Bay Area. I was one of the few people taking still photos for the website, and wanted to put local slideshows in one place on the website where people could browse them all easily. I worked with NBC at 30 Rock in NYC, to help build a page on where Bay Area photos can be displayed and viewed.

– Bay Area Proud Pets is a project I worked on along side NBC Bay Area Meteorologist Christina Loren. Each week we showcase an adoptable pet from Oakland Animal Services on the website. I worked with NBC in NYC to create a page on where we can feature the pets each week.

Storify integration was something I brought into our content production to help create more interesting, media-rich content for visitors.

– Several of my written articles and photo slideshows have been picked up and shared by such websites as Drudge Report, Fark and Reddit, which helped bring massive traffic to

Digital Media Commander at the Denver Post
(July 2005 – Dec. 2010)

Initially I was hired to digitally color correct images for print. This included using my years of previous experience in Photoshop, and knowledge of color correction. Soon after, I was editing and preparing images for online slideshows. I also was asked to shoot and edit video, as well as photos for My podcasting and online radio experience was called into use to help engineer reporter voiceovers for online content.

Key Achievements as Digital Media Commander at the Denver Post

– Jack Matador’s Celebrity Bull was a project I created, implemented and maintained. This was an entertainment “snark” blog, that became part of I created the idea, and built the webpage. I then maintained the content, writing amusing, biting posts about the entertainment business. It later became a site for funny videos, and the name changed to Jack Matador’s Sideshow, when I left the Post. I still maintain it today.

– Woody’s World with sports writer Woody Paige, was a daily video podcast I helped create and produce, for I also edited the show using Final Cut Pro.

– In an effort to cut back on paper waste, and misplaced forms, I created, developed and built a digital time-off request form, and camera repair form. I taught myself basic PHP for this.

Digital Imaging Specialist at the Houston Chronicle
(Feb. 2001 – Sept 2001)

– I coordinated multiple requests from page designers, to have images color corrected, on deadline, for daily print. I also prepared, scanned and archived images, from photographers, daily. I maintained a film developing processor for photography department.

Digital Imaging Specialist at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
(Jan. 1998 – Oct 2000)

– I coordinated multiple requests from page designers, to have images color corrected, on deadline, for daily print. I also prepared, scanned and archived images, from photographers, daily. I wrote music and movie reviews for publication. Created, designed, and implemented an online system for copy editors to request images from the imaging specialists, thus cutting back on paper waste and creating a more efficient workflow. I worked with AppleScript to create faster more efficient image archiving workflow for photographers. 

Production Coordinator at The Medina County Gazette
(Mar. 1995 – Dec. 1997)

– I worked closely with the photo editor in the development of digital color correction techniques, resulting in higher quality and more efficient image reproduction. I did manual copy paste-up and stripped page negatives in preparation for the pressroom. I educated co-workers on imaging techniques using Adobe Photoshop. I also operated a large format production camera, to reproduce halftone images and full-page negatives for daily publication.



– Memphis College of Art (2002 – 2003)
Course work included graphic design, drawing, visual communications, visual story telling, and computer arts.
– University of Akron (1994 – 1995)
Course work included visual arts, photography, illustration, graphic design, film history, drawing, and earth science.


Personal Achievements

– I have created, and hosted several podcasts, an online radio station, and multiple blogs. I have designed and built the websites that accompany these projects.
– I am very active in social media, and an early adopter. I have been involved with online communication for 20 years. I’ve connected with amazing people over the years. I still maintain daily communications with some of the people I’ve met. Two of these people, I currently do a weekly video podcast with, which can be seen on Google Plus Hangouts-On-Air.
– I have connected some of these talented people with each other, resulting in productive collaborations.
– I have over 15 years of graphic design, video, photo, and photo illustration experience, which I enjoy using for entertainment and work. I have also done feature film acting, and other film work.


Other Knowledge and Experience

Adobe Suite, WordPress, Smultron (for editing code) HTML, CSS, FTP clients, Apple product troubleshooting / support, Final Cut Pro, Garage Band, MS Office, various Mac, iOS apps, 4- Color Process, Color Correction, Graphic Design, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,, G+, Flickr, (New) MySpace beta, and a graduate of Barbizon School of Akron.

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